Podman AI Lab

Podman AI Lab simplifies getting started and developing with AI in a local environment. A curated catalogue of recipes help navigate the jungle of AI use cases and AI models. You can also import your models to run them locally (currently only with CPU support).


To use Podman AI Lab, you need to first have installed Podman Desktop which is available for all major platforms.

Once Podman Desktop is up in running, Podman AI Lab can be installed from the UI by locating it in the e Extensions catalog (see this for more details).

Using Podman AI Lab

Podman AI Lab provides an inference server that is compatible with the OpenAI REST API, meaning that the quarkus-langchain4j-openai dependency can be used to interact with it from Quarkus.


Before proceeding, a model (granite-7b for example) needs to be downloaded in the Podman AI Lab UI and the inference server started. See this for screenshots on how this can be accomplished.

Assuming the inference server was started on port 44079, the application needs to be configured like so:

# Responses might be a bit slow, so we increase the timeout

The model configuration completely ignored when using Podman Desktop AI, as the inference server runs a single model