Quarkus GitHub Action

This extensions simplifies the development of GitHub Actions in Java with Quarkus.

Developing custom GitHub Actions is extremely useful. People usually develop them in JavaScript or TypeScript.

This Quarkus extension provides an alternative to develop your GitHub Actions in Java. It also brings the ability to share code between GitHub Apps and GitHub Actions by using both Quarkus GitHub App and Quarkus GitHub Action.

Why use Quarkus GitHub Action to develop your GitHub Actions:

  • If you are more familiar with the Java ecosystem, it comes in handy.

  • It doesn’t bring any Quarkus-induced complexity, it just makes things easier.

  • It comes with several nice features to simplify the development of GitHub Actions in Java.

  • It relies on the Hub4j GitHub API so you have all the GitHub REST API at your fingertips.

  • You can also inject an authenticated GraphQL client to talk to the GitHub GraphQL API.

A simple GitHub Action will look like:

class MyAction {

  void doSomething() {
    // do something useful here

The extension takes care of all the wiring.