Quarkus GitHub App

When maintaining large projects on GitHub, GitHub Apps come handy: they allow you to automate most of the repetitive tasks.

The principle is simple: for each event your application listens to, GitHub will call your webhook URL with a payload and from there, it is on you to handle the payload and do something with it.

There are already a ton of existing GitHub Apps and they can improve the overall throughput of your project and avoid human errors.

That being said, your project might also have specific requirements or workflows or you might be uncomfortable giving the keys of your repository to an external entity.

We have some good news for you: developing GitHub Apps is easy.

Until now, your best option was GitHub’s own Probot, but if you prefer Java over JavaScript or TypeScript, you have come to the right place: Quarkus GitHub App is designed to make developing GitHub Apps in Java easy and fun.

And with all the Quarkus goodness: developer joy, live reload and native executables.

Eager to start? First step is to register your GitHub App.