Quarkus - OpenAPI Generator

This a multipurpose Quarkus' extension for generation of Rest Clients and Server stubs based on OpenAPI specification files.

Currently, we support two types of code generation:

Quarkus - OpenAPI Generator - Client: Refer to our documentation on how to generate these clients.

Quarkus - OpenAPI Generator - Server: Follow our guidelines to generate server stubs using Apicurio.

Check versions 1.x.x if you’re still using Quarkus 2. But be aware that we no longer support Quarkus 2. That means there are no updates planned for those versions.

This extension is based on the OpenAPI Generator Tool. Please consider donation to help them maintain the project: https://opencollective.com/openapi_generator/donate

Want to contribute? Great! We try to make it easy, and all contributions, even the smaller ones, are more than welcome. This includes bug reports, fixes, documentation, examples…​ But first, read this page.