Quarkus CXF

This project aims at porting Apache CXF to Quarkus runtime including full support for producing GraalVM native images.

While Apache CXF implements wide range of standards and specifications, Quarkus CXF is currently focusing only on supporting the ones related to Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS). Refer to Reference to learn which parts of CXF are supported.

The documentation is divided in two major parts:

  • User guide - explains the typical usage of Quarkus CXF

  • Reference - the full list of supported specifications, use cases and configuration options

Issues and Support

Feel free to start a discussion or open an issue in the GitHub repository in case you need support. The following general guidelines can be used to determine whether to start a discussion or open an issue.

GitHub Issues

  • Bug reports

  • Feature requests

GitHub Discussions

  • Q&A and general communication

  • RFCs for new features

Contributions and pull requests from the community are welcome!