Release quarkus-cxf

To release version 1.2.3 and set the next development version to 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT, run the following:

$ cd quarkus-cxf
$ ./ 1.2.3 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT

What it does:

  • Sets the current-version and release-version keys in .github/project.yml file to values passed via CLI parameters

  • Commits the changes

  • Pushes a new branch called trigger-release-1.2.3 to upstream

After that, you need to do the following:

  • Create a pull request from the above branch

  • Merge it (without waiting for the CI jobs to pass)

  • Watch the associated Quarkiverse Release job

Write release notes

You may write the release notes while waiting for the artifacts to get available on Maven Central. Unfortunately, there is no automation for assembling the release notes yet.

Check some of the recent release notes to learn about the format and from where the new page should be linked.

Upgrade in Quarkus Platform

Once all artifacts are available on Maven Central, upgrade the Quarkus CXF version in Quarkus Platform:

$ export NEW_VERSION=1.2.3
$ cd projects
$ git clone -o upstream
$ cd quarkus-platform
# Upgrade the version in the root pom
$ sed -i 's|<quarkus-cxf.version>[^<]*</quarkus-cxf.version>|<quarkus-cxf.version>'$NEW_VERSION'</quarkus-cxf.version>|' pom.xml
# regenerate the BOMs (may take tens of minutes on a slow internet connection)
$ ./mvnw -Dsync
# Install quarkus-bom and quarkus-cxf-bom to local Maven repository
$ cd generated-platform-project
$ ../mvnw install -pl quarkus/bom,quarkus-cxf/bom,quarkus-universe/bom -am
# Make sure the generated tests pass
$ cd quarkus-cxf/integration-tests
$ ../../../mvnw verify -Pnative
# If all is green, commit changes and send a PR
$ git checkout -b upgrade-qcxf-$NEW_VERSION
$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "Upgrade to Quarkus CXF $NEW_VERSION"
$ git push your-fork upgrade-qcxf-$NEW_VERSION
  • Now create a new pull request out of your upgrade-qcxf-$NEW_VERSION branch.

  • Add the link to the release notes into the PR description, so that Quarkus team can reference it from their release notes.

  • Watch whether the CI jobs pass against your new pull request.