Release quarkus-cxf

To release version 1.2.3 and set the next development version to 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT, run the following:

$ cd quarkus-cxf
$ ./ 1.2.3 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT

What it does:

  • Sets the current-version and release-version keys in .github/project.yml file to values passed via CLI parameters

  • Commits the changes

  • Pushes a new branch called trigger-release-1.2.3 to upstream

After that, you need to do the following:

  • Create a pull request from the above branch

  • Merge it (without waiting for the CI jobs to pass)

  • Watch the associated Quarkiverse Release job

Upgrade in Quarkus Platform

Once all artifacts are available on Maven Central, upgrade the Quarkus CXF version in Quarkus Platform:

$ export NEW_VERSION=1.2.3
$ cd projects
$ git clone -o upstream
$ cd quarkus-platform
# Upgrade the version in the root pom
$ sed -i 's|<quarkus-cxf.version>[^<]*</quarkus-cxf.version>|<quarkus-cxf.version>'$NEW_VERSION'</quarkus-cxf.version>|' pom.xml
# regenerate the BOMs (may take tens of minutes on a slow internet connection)
$ ./mvnw -Dsync
# Install quarkus-bom and quarkus-cxf-bom to local Maven repository
$ cd generated-platform-project
$ ../mvnw install -pl quarkus/bom,quarkus-cxf/bom,quarkus-universe/bom -am
# Make sure the generated tests pass
$ cd quarkus-cxf/integration-tests
$ ../../../mvnw verify -Pnative
# If all is green, commit changes and send a PR
$ git checkout -b upgrade-qcxf-$NEW_VERSION
$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "Upgrade to Quarkus CXF $NEW_VERSION"
$ git push your-fork upgrade-qcxf-$NEW_VERSION
  • Now create a new pull request out of your upgrade-qcxf-$NEW_VERSION branch.

  • Watch whether the CI jobs pass against your new pull request.