XJC Plugins

Stable • Since 1.5.11

XJC plugins for wsdl2java code generation. You’ll need to add this extension if you want to use any of the following in quarkus.cxf.codegen.wsdl2java.additional-params:

  • -xjc-Xbg - generate getFoo() instead of isFoo() accessor methods for boolean fields.

  • -xjc-Xdv - let the generated getter methods return the default value defined in the schema unless the field is set explicitly.

  • -xjc-Xjavadoc - generate JavaDoc based on xs:documentation present in the schema.

  • -xjc-Xproperty-listener - add PropertyChangeListener support to the generated beans.

  • -xjc-Xts - generate toString() methods in model classes.

  • -xjc-Xwsdlextension - generate beans that can be used directly with WSDL4J as extensors in the WSDL.

Check the wsdl2java section of User guide for more details about wsdl2java.

Maven coordinates

Create a new project using quarkus-cxf-xjc-plugins on code.quarkus.io or add these coordinates to your existing project:


Check the User guide and especially its Dependency management section for more information about writing applications with Quarkus CXF.