Dev UI

If you use the Dev mode, the quarkus-langchain4j project provides several pages in the Dev UI to facilitate development:

  • AI Services page: provides a table of all AI Services detected in the application along with a list of tools that they are declared to use.

  • Tools page: provides a list of tools detected in the application.

  • Chat page: allows you to manually hold a conversation with a chat model. This page is only available if the application contains a chat model.

  • Images page: allows you to test the outputs of image models and tune its parameters. This page is provided specifically by the openai-vanilla extension and is currently specific to OpenAI’s image models. It appears if the application uses the openai-vanilla extension and doesn’t have image models explicitly disabled.

  • Moderation page: allows you to test the outputs of moderation models - you submit a prompt and receive a list of scores for each appropriateness category (violence, sexual, hate,…​). This page is currently only available with the openai-vanilla extension, and it appears if the application doesn’t explicitly disable moderation models.