Quarkus CXF 3.8.0 (LTS) release notes

Changes in Quarkus

New and noteworthy in Quarkus CXF

Keeping major.minor version in sync with Quarkus

The most significant change in this release is the increment of major version of Quarkus CXF from 2 to 3 so that our major.minor matches the major.minor version of Quarkus.

We did this mostly for practical reasons, so that it is easier for everybody to understand which version of Quarkus CXF is compatible with which version of Quarkus.

Logging extension removed from the documentation and code.quarkus.io

io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf-rt-features-logging is deprecated since Quarkus CXF 2.7.0, when all its functionality including configuration properties moved to io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf. In 3.8.0, we stopped mentioning it in the documentation and we removed it from code.quarkus.io. To keep backwards compatibility, a dummy io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf-rt-features-logging artifact still exists doing nothing else, but outputting a warning. You should remove the extension from your projects.

Santuario XMLSec extension moved to Quarkus CXF

Santuario XMLSec extension was originally hosted under a separate project and published as io.quarkiverse.xmlsec:quarkus-xmlsec. As Quarkus CXF is the primary user of it, we decided to move it here to simplify the maintenance. The new Maven coordinates starting with Quarkus CXF 3.8.0 are io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf-santuario-xmlsec.

Improved documentation

The following parts of the documentation were improved: