Quarkus CXF 3.10.0 release notes

Important dependency upgrades

New and noteworthy in Quarkus CXF

Windows CI

We started testing every pull request on Windows. Unfortunately, we have to skip all integration tests that require a container, because GitHub Actions Windows workers do not allow running Linux containers yet.

In-App SmallRye Config SPI implementations work again

The bug #1332 alias quarkus#39689 got fixed in Quarkus CXF 3.10.0.

Sevice methods with the same name in the same Java package

If there are two SEIs in one Java package, both having a @WebMethod with the same name but different signature, then the default name for the ASM-generated request, response and possibly other classes is the same for both methods of both classes.

Before this version, no exception was thrown when this happened during the class generation. At runtime, only one set of those classes was present and calls to one of the clients failed inevitably.

Since Quarkus CXF 3.10.0, the problem is detected at build time and the build fails.

This was reported as issue #1326. We filed CXF-9003 to see whether a proper solution is possible in CXF.

Documentation Improvements

  • All configuration properties are now tagged with the version of Quarkus CXF since which they exist.

    The new since tag
  • We added the Version table to the Release notes page showing which version of Quarkus CXF uses which CXF version and which Quarkus Platform <major>.<minor> you should use to get the given Quarkus CXF version.