Quarkus Azure App Configuration Extension

Quarkus Azure Services Extensions are developed and supported by Microsoft as part of their commitment to Open Standard Enterprise Java. For more information, see Jakarta EE on Azure.

Azure App Configuration is a fast, scalable parameter storage for app configuration. This extension allows to inject a io.smallrye.config.SmallRyeConfig object inside your Quarkus application so you can access the app configuration stored in Azure.


If you want to use this extension, you need to add the io.quarkiverse.azureservices:quarkus-azure-services extension first to your build file.

For instance, with Maven, add the following dependency to your POM file:


How to Use It

Once you have added the extension to your project, follow the next steps, so you can inject io.smallrye.config.SmallRyeConfig object in your application to store and read blobs.

Setup your Azure Environment

First thing first. For this sample to work, you need to have an Azure account as well as Azure CLI installed. The Azure CLI is available to install in Windows, macOS and Linux environments. Checkout the installation guide. Then, you need an Azure subscription and log into it by using the az login command. You can run az version to find the version and az upgrade to upgrade to the latest version.

Create an Azure resource group with the az group create command. A resource group is a logical container into which Azure resources are deployed and managed.

az group create \
    --name rg-quarkus-azure-app-configuration \
    --location eastus

Create an Azure App Configuration store with the following command:

az appconfig create \
    --name appcs-quarkus-azure-app-configuration \
    --resource-group rg-quarkus-azure-app-configuration \
    --location eastus

Then create some key-value properties with the following commands:

az appconfig kv set --name appcs-quarkus-azure-app-configuration --yes --key myKeyOne --value "Value 1"
az appconfig kv set --name appcs-quarkus-azure-app-configuration --yes --key myKeyTwo --value "Value 2"

You can list the key-value properties with the following command:

az appconfig kv list --name appcs-quarkus-azure-app-configuration

If you log into the Azure portal, you can see the resource group and the key-value you created.

Azure Portal showing the app configuration

Configure the Azure App Configuration Client

As you can see below in the Configuration Reference section, this extension has several configuration options. To be able to connect to the Azure App Configuration that we’ve just created, you must get the URL of the endpoing, it’s id and secret. For that, execute the following Azure CLI command:

az appconfig credential list --name appcs-quarkus-azure-app-configuration

You’ll get the following output:

  "connectionString": "Endpoint=https://appcs-quarkus-azure-app-configuration.azconfig.io;Id=xxxxxx;Secret=xxxxxx",
  "id": "xxxxxx",
  "name": "Primary",
  "readOnly": false,
  "value": "xxxxxx"

Then, in the application.properties file, add the following property according to the output of the previous command:


Inject the SmallRyeConfig

Now that your Azure environment is ready and that you have configured the extension, you can inject the SmallRyeConfig object in your application, so you can interact with Azure App Configuration.

public class ConfigResource {

  SmallRyeConfig config;

  public Response configValue(@PathParam("name") final String name) {
      return Response.ok(config.getConfigValue(name)).build();

To execute this sample you can run the following cURL commands:

  • curl -X GET localhost:8080/config/myKeyOne

  • curl -X GET localhost:8080/config/myKeyTwo

Extension Configuration Reference

Configuration property fixed at build time - All other configuration properties are overridable at runtime

Configuration property



The flag to enable the app configuration. If set to false, the app configuration will be disabled




The endpoint of the app configuration. Required if quarkus.azure.app.configuration.enabled is set to true



The id of the app configuration. Required if quarkus.azure.app.configuration.enabled is set to true



The secret of the app configuration. Required if quarkus.azure.app.configuration.enabled is set to true



The label filter of the app configuration. Use comma as separator for multiple label names