Quarkus CXF 3.8.2 (LTS) release notes

Important dependency upgrades:

New and noteworthy in Quarkus CXF

Change in org.graalvm.sdk:* dependencies

Quarkus CXF extensions now depend on org.graalvm.sdk:nativeimage instead of org.graalvm.sdk:graal-sdk. Using org.graalvm.sdk:graal-sdk was an oversight on our side. org.graalvm.sdk:nativeimage is just enough for implementing the GraalVM substitutions we need. If you rely on other transitive dependencies of org.graalvm.sdk:graal-sdk, such as org.graalvm.sdk:polyglot or org.graalvm.sdk:collections, you will have to add them yourself.

cxf-rt-databinding-aegis and cxf-rt-javascript not required by quarkus-cxf-deployment anymore.

io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf-deployment takes care for build time tasks related to io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf. Before this release, it depended transitively on org.apache.cxf:cxf-rt-databinding-aegis and org.apache.cxf:cxf-rt-javascript via org.apache.cxf:cxf-tools-java2ws. It was an oversight on our side. We never intended to support using Aegis or Javascript at runtime or build time. We have made that by listing them under Unsupported CXF modules. The current change makes it impossible to generate WSDL from Aegis model classes at build time. The java2js functionality was never accessible via io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf-deployment.