Generate the Model classes from WSDL

quarkus-cxf extension supports generating Java classes from WSDL during Quarkus code generation phase.

The code snippets shown in this section come from the client integration test in the source tree of CXF Extensions for Quarkus. You may want to check it as an executable example.

You need to set up a couple of things for CXF code generation to work:

  • Have io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf dependency in your project

  • For Maven projects, the generate-code goal needs to be present in the configuration of quarkus-maven-plugin:

  • For Gradle projects no additional configurarion of io.quarkus plugin is needed

  • Put your WSDL files under src/main/resources or src/test/resources or any subdirectory thereof.

  • Your WSDL file names must end with .wsdl

  • Set quarkus.cxf.codegen.wsdl2java.includes configuration property to a pattern matching the WSDL files you wish to process. If you want to process all WSDL files under src/main/resources/wsdl or src/test/resources/wsdl, set it as follows:
    quarkus.cxf.codegen.wsdl2java.includes = wsdl/*.wsdl

This will generate Java classes in target/generated-sources/wsdl2java or target/generated-test-sources/wsdl2java directory. They will be automatically picked by the compiler plugin there. Hence we are free to refer to them from our application or test code.

Note that quarkus-cxf code generation uses the wsdl2Java utility from CXF under the hood. wsdl2Java is called separately for each WSDL file selected by includes and excludes.

Passing custom parameters to wsdl2java is possible through quarkus.cxf.codegen.wsdl2java.additional-params configuration parameter.

If you need different additional-params for each WSDL file, you may want to define a separate named parameter set for each one of them. Here is an example:
# Parameters for foo.wsdl = wsdl/foo.wsdl = -wsdlLocation,wsdl/foo.wsdl
# Parameters for bar.wsdl = wsdl/bar.wsdl = -wsdlLocation,wsdl/bar.wsdl,-xjc-Xts
Add io.quarkiverse.cxf:quarkus-cxf-xjc-plugins dependency to your project to be able to use -xjc-Xbg, -xjc-Xdv, -xjc-Xjavadoc, -xjc-Xproperty-listener, -xjc-Xts and -xjc-Xwsdlextension wsdl2java parameters.