Metrics Feature

🧪Experimental • Since 0.14.0

Collect metrics using Micrometer.

This extension is experimental, because there are no tests covering it. Contributions are welcome!

Maven coordinates

Create a new project using quarkus-cxf-rt-features-metrics on or add these coordinates to your existing project:

Check the User guide and especially its Dependency management section for more information about writing applications with CXF Extensions for Quarkus.


The integration of CXF into Quarkus Micrometer ecosystem is implemented using CXF MicrometerMetricsProvider and io.quarkiverse.cxf.metrics.QuarkusCxfMetricsFeature.

Simply add the following to your to start collecting metrics:

# Enable metrics for a service
quarkus.cxf.endpoint."/fruit-service".features = io.quarkiverse.cxf.metrics.QuarkusCxfMetricsFeature

# Enable metrics for a client
quarkus.cxf.client."fruit-client".features = io.quarkiverse.cxf.metrics.QuarkusCxfMetricsFeature


The metrics feature can be associated with a SOAP client or service using the following configuration properties: