Quarkus Opentelemetry Exporter for Microsoft Azure

This exporter sends data to the Azure portal.

General configuration

First, add the quarkus-opentelemetry extension to your build file.

After, add the Azure extension to be able to send the telemetry data to the Azure portal.


You also need an Application Insights resource receiving the telemetry data. Go to the Azure portal, search for your Application Insights resource or create a new one. On the overview page of your resource, you will find a connection string in the top right corner.

You have two options to set the connection string, one using the Quarkus naming semantics and the other one using the default naming from the Azure documentation.

To set the connection string with the Quarkus naming semantics:

  • With the application.properties file

  • With the QUARKUS_OTEL_AZURE_APPLICATIONINSIGHTS_CONNECTION_STRING=your_connection_string environment variable

If you want to use the Azure Application Insights way of specifying the connection string, which takes precedence over the Quarkus way:

  • With the application.properties file

  • With the AZURE_APPLICATIONINSIGHTS_CONNECTION_STRING=your_connection_string environment variable

You can disable the Azure export in this way:


Read this page to learn more configuration options.

Enable more instrumentation

Extension Configuration Reference