JAX-WS Providers

JAX-WS Providers are fully supported, and can be implemented as shown below.

Given the following sample Provider implementation:

import jakarta.xml.transform.stream.StreamSource;
import jakarta.xml.ws.BindingType;
import jakarta.xml.ws.Provider;
import jakarta.xml.ws.Service;
import jakarta.xml.ws.ServiceMode;
import jakarta.xml.ws.WebServiceProvider;
import java.io.StringReader;

@ServiceMode(value = Service.Mode.PAYLOAD)
public class StreamSourcePayloadProvider implements Provider {

    public StreamSourcePayloadProvider() {

    public StreamSource invoke(StreamSource request) {
        String payload = StaxUtils.toString(request);

        // Do some interesting things ...

        StreamSource response = new StreamSource(new StringReader(payload));
        return response;

The application.properties can be configured as shown below.

# A web service endpoint with the Provider implementation class
Provider classes will be attempted to be loaded via CDI first, and if no CDI beans are available, then the constructor with no parameters will be invoked to instantiate each class.