Quarkus Jasypt Secret Keys Expressions

This guide explains how your Quarkus application can read configuration properties using Jasypt encryption.


To complete this guide, you need:

  • less than 15 minutes

  • an IDE

  • JDK 17+ installed with JAVA_HOME configured appropriately

  • Apache Maven 3.8.1+


We recommend that you follow the instructions in the next sections and create the application step by step.


Jasypt is a java library which allows the developer to add basic encryption capabilities.

Add the Extension

Add the config-jasypt extension to your project by running the following command in your project base directory:

./mvnw quarkus:add-extension -Dextensions="config-jasypt"

This will add the following to your pom.xml:

The Jasypt Quarkus Extension is required to native mode. There is no difference in features to the SmallRye Config Jasypt.


A secret configuration may be expressed as ${jasypt::value}. The ${jasypt::…​} SecretKeyHandler requires both smallrye.config.secret-handler.jasypt.password and smallrye.config.secret-handler.jasypt.algorithm configurations to state the password and the algorithm to be used by the Jasypt encryptor.




Jasypt encrypted values must be set with the handler expression as ${jasypt::ENC(value)}. Note that the encrypted value must be generated using the proper Jasypt encryptor with the same password and algorithm set in the configuration.

A possible encrypted value for 12345678 is ENC(wqp8zDeiCQ5JaFvwDtoAcr2WMLdlD0rjwvo8Rh0thG5qyTQVGxwJjBIiW26y0dtU)

Lookups to the configuration my.secret will automatically decrypt the value with Jasypt and provide the original 12345678 string.

It is possible to generate the encrypted secret with the following JBang script: jbang https://raw.githubusercontent.com/smallrye/smallrye-config/main/documentation/src/main/docs/config/secret-handlers/jasypt.java -s=<secret> -p=<password>